OF STEEL AND ALUMINUM. and last but not least, Randy won't have to wait long before he can meet with you to discuss your design needs, as he has a never ending supply of creative talent and is a born salesman! We hope that someday Randy will willingly choose to honor and reflect the same practices and beliefs that the earlier generations of Fanke men have, through whatever he chooses to do.

randy's left hand man, er, dog, is buddy.

design consulting...

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our favorite aspect of being in this line of work is being able to follow the projects we tackle from the initial sketches all the way through the end processes. ALAN HAS BEEN PRESIDENT AND CEO OF KTE SINCE 1990. as a young man, ALAN had a gift in CRAFTSMANSHIP AND MATERIALS MASTERY, handed down fROM HIS FATHER AND HIS GRANDFATHER. years later, alan transferred to his son matt his sKILLs AND LOVE OF MACHINING AND THE ART OF TOOL MAKING, prototyping, and general artistry